Charities We Support

We are big believers in giving back, and donate $1 from every sale to the charities that we support. The fund we have chosen to be at the top of our list is Levi's Project.

Levi’s Project – A Future for kids with DIPG

Levi’s Project is a world-leading research program at Children’s Cancer Institute which aims to develop Australia’s first-ever treatment program for DIPG, a devastating childhood brain cancer.

This project is close to our hearts. Levi’s Project has been created in honour of Levi Wheeler, an extraordinary boy who died from DIPG in 2018. Levi was just eight years old.

Levi was a legend, and so is his extraordinary family who are the driving force committed to raising funds to support this research. Levi should be able to use FOR, and because he can't, we want to use FOR to help Levi's Project.