4x4 give back well-being program

Four Boys

Four Products

Four Months


Giving back to our community.

Who is FOR

We are on a mission to help boys and young men feel more confident and comfortable in the skin they are in!

By taking care of their physcial appearance and feeling confident in their own skin, boys may be better equipped to tackle the challenges of adolescence and develop a positive self image. This, in turn, can lead to an improved mental health outcome and a great sense of well-being.

Why are we giving stuff away free? Glad you asked.

FOR was created by a mother of three boys. Formulated with the help of a cosmeceutical chemist, while consulting a doctor. It was created out of a need of sourcing products for her boys as they faced problems with their skin. After seeing the change in confidence in not only her boys but customers we decided we would love to give back by giving products - for free! The mission is to seek boys from sporting clubs, groups and schools and give to each - four products, to four boys, for four months, for free!

Products you can trust.

High performance skincare products made in Australia, designed to help boys develop a healthy and positive attitude towards self care and grooming. We aim to help promote healthy skin habits amoung boys and to break down the outdated gender sterotypes in regards to skincare .We also aim to help create a more inclusive and accepting envirmonment for all boys, regardless of their appearance or background.